• Booklets

    Professionally printed booklets can serve a wide range of different purposes, and whatever your needs are we can provide a booklet that fits. Whether for advertising your products and services in more detail, providing instruction manuals for products or guiding people around galleries and exhibitions, we’re here to help.

    We can provide professional printing services, and should you need design help, our creative experience enables us to develop a fit-for-purpose artwork for you that best meets your needs. Keeping you involved in the design and printing process from start to end makes sure that your project both meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

    Our website offers an easy way to quickly order some of the most popular variations of our products using your own artwork, but we do offer more options and design help. Should you require assistance or other specs than what we have available on the website, please drop us a message using the contact us form and we will be happy to help.

    Stapled booklets

    Stapled booklets are held together using (you guessed it) staples. It is a great binding for a wide range of booklets, such as menus and programmes. It is however best for smaller page ranges, up to 48 pages.

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    Perfect bound booklets

    Perfect bound booklets have a glued spine and are essentially like a paperback book. This type of binding is typically used for things such as catalogues and handbooks. To use ths option, the booklet must have at least 44 pages.

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    Orders of Service

    Orders of Service is an essential part of weddings and funerals, and can be a beautiful keepsake. To order our Orders of Service, please use the stapled booklet and choose an unlaminated finish.